What To Talk To Girls About

What To Talk To Girls About

Do you often find yourself not knowing what to talk to girls about?
Well, not to worry!
For in this article, I will be discussing on what to talk to girls about.
Here are some tips on what to talk to girls about

1.Talk to girls about your dream and ambition
Let the girl know your ambition and dream. Let her know what do you wish to achieve in life. By sharing with her your dreams and ambition, she will know that you are someone who has a purpose and direction in life and not some wandering bum leading life aimlessly.

2.Have a sensor of humour – Throw in a few jokes and stories
Having a sensor of humour is definitely beneficial in keeping the conversation flowing continuously.
Share with her funny things that have happened in your life or funny jokes which you have heard from others.
Knowing when to include funny stories or jokes in midst of the conversation will trigger her to laugh. This is important as she will view you as interesting person to hang out with and will thus, hang out with you more.

3.Let her talk more about herself
As quoted by The Dalai Lama “Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.”
All girls are born to be talkative.
Therefore, don’t be afraid to let a girl talk more about herself. Actively listen to what she says and be receptive to what she is interest to what she is saying. Let her know that you are a good listener and she will be more keen to share with you her problems and woes. Over time, her interest in you will increase gradually.

4.Play around – show her your playful nature occasionally
This is an awesome technique to master, especially if your conversation has reached a stagnant point and you are totally clueless about what to talk about with her.
Here is a good trick in tackling awkward silences.
Laugh to yourself when there is a moment of silence in the conversation. Your laughter will trigger her curiosity and will prompt her to ask you” hey, what are you laughing about, care to share? ” When she ask you this, you reply in a sneaky way that will trigger more of her curiosity hormones, ” Nah, nothing much, you won’t want to know, is a guy thing.” She will then respond, ” tell me, I want to know! “. So there you go, an awesome technique to lighten the mood.
It will also show that you are someone who is a relaxed, and not too serious person – a characteristics which girls like.